The Way to Happiness

The Way to Happiness

Over 80 million copies of the non-religious, common-sense moral code, The Way to Happiness, have been distributed in 94 languages in 135 countries.


The Way to Happiness is comprised of 21 precepts, each one predicated on the fact that one’s survival depends on the survival of all others—and that without the survival of others, no joy and no happiness are attainable.

In illustration of those precepts, the Church of Scientology sponsored the production and airing of a corresponding series of informational videos. They are presented in the spirit of the booklet itself, which is a roadmap to a happier life through values of compassion and caring that every member of a civilized society holds dear. Additionally distributed internationally and made available by request are the teacher’s guide and educator materials to supplement the use of the informational videos in a classroom environment.

An international network of volunteers and supporters of The Way to Happiness Foundation now spans 135 nations. Moreover, other groups dedicated to improving moral standards continue to adopt this booklet for their own use—groups as diverse as the National Honduras Police, Secretary General of the Philippine Red Cross, the California State Chairman of the Congress on Racial Equality have taken up and now distribute personalized copies of the booklet. As a further example of the far-reaching use of this booklet, the National Police of Colombia now utilize The Way to Happiness booklet in both training their entire force and broadly distributing it to Colombian citizens.

Further, the 21 The Way to Happiness PSAs air daily on a variety of media ranging from city buses in Chicago, Samoan rugby matches, Central American food courts and television stations on all seven continents.

Overview of results:

  • The 21 Public Service Announcements illustrating each of the precepts from The Way to Happiness have been viewed by
  • 725 million people in the last 12 months on 386 stations in 52 countries as well as at sporting events, concerts and in shopping malls.
  • The Way to Happiness has been translated into 94 languages.
  • Over 80 million copies of The Way to Happiness have been sold and distributed since it was first published in 1981.
  • More than 430,000 The Way to Happiness information mailings have been sent out over the last two years to groups and organizations inviting them to order The Way to Happiness for distribution and to implement the education program based on the book.
  • Over 360,000 people have visited The Way to Happiness Internet site ( in the last two  years—270,000 in the last year alone.
  • With the 2008 launch of The Way to Happiness Education Program more than 1,600 schools have ordered the booklets and materials, with 150,000 children learning the non-religious moral precepts from The Way to Happiness.
  • The Way to Happiness is used in 2,097 prisons worldwide as part of the Criminon rehabilitation program.